Our highly skilled and fully qualified Lantra CAD operators will provide you with a vehicle swept path analysis drawing. These VSP drawings are to scale and used to ensure safe passage for all vehicles from a car through to a abnormal load where width restrictions and alterations are in place.

By using our analysis at the outset, we reduce the risk of error and miscalculation, thereby increasing both cost-efficiency and safety.

What is a VSP?
A VSP can be used to calculate the path of any vehicle including heavy goods vehicles and abnormal loads when undertaking complex manoeuvres on the Public highway.

This is to ensure a clear and safe passage to alleviate congestion/danger to the general public. The simulation includes a display of the path taken by each wheel of the vehicle, the length and width of the vehicle body, the speed and steering angles, are calculated by the analysis and displayed onto the VSP drawing.
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Examples of our V.S.P. drawings